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The Liquid Network is a Bitcoin layer-2 solution enabling the fast, confidential settlement and issuance of digital assets, such as stablecoins, security tokens, and other financial instruments, on top of the Bitcoin timechain.

Liquid is built on Elements, an open-source blockchain platform enabling access to powerful features such as swaps, covenants, and confidential transactions.

JUNGLELABᵀᴹ is a JungleLab is an artist-driven Digital Assets Marketplace. Making it easy for digital creators to authenticate, showcase and sell the digital assets they produce on the Liquid Blockchain. Liquid Network An open source, sidechain-capable blockchain platform.

Elements is an open source, sidechain-capable blockchain platform, providing access to powerful features developed by members of the community, such as Confidential Transactions and Issued Assets.

Launched in June of 2015, Elements reduces internal development and research costs and harnesses the very latest blockchain technology, opening up many new use cases for implementation. An Elements based blockchain can operate as either a standalone Blockchain or be pegged to another and run as a Sidechain. Running Elements as a Sidechain enables assets to be verifiably transferred between different blockchains.

Built upon and extending Bitcoin’s codebase, it lets developers familiar with the bitcoind API to quickly and cost-effectively create working blockchains and test proof-of-concept projects. Being built on the Bitcoin codebase also allows Elements to function as a testbed for changes to the Bitcoin protocol itself.

An example of an Elements based sidechain in production use is Blockstream’s Liquid.

If you are developer, you might find it easier to start with the Elements Code Tutorial, which explains the key features of Elements and shows how to use them.:

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